Weekly updates 2019 w31


Starting of with very bad sleep, another nightmare.
Was about politics and me traveling and getting lost.
Typical me because of my bad sense of direction.
Also met Stefan Löfven in my dreams…scary!

Been working a lot in Photoshop, not going so well because I really suck at drawing. But I try my best.
Also been studying a lot of Russian today, need to work harder so I can communicate in Russian.


Not much to say about today. Studied a lot of Russian language and did some more work in photoshop.
Will get my new camera within 1-3 days. Happy, happy.


Tommy Elmgren at Gula Grillen, always enjoy listening to him. He is a really great and friendly artist.
Other then that, this day has been really aweful. Lot’s of bad people contacting me.


Went to get my new camera today.
Didn’t test it yet, tomorrow I will go to the castle and take some photos.
Another note is that because of what happened between me and Vlada I just gave up everything. That means, no publishing of my book.
Something I really regret now…

I will however release it for free on either this blog och a seperate site only for that. Will have some hard copies myself but extremely limited edition.


Today a lot happened.
Had a meeting in the morning, then I went to the police station to get my passport renewed.
I will get my passport within 5 days so hopefull I will have it next week or the week after.
Then I went to the castle with my family and took some photos.
You can see the photos by clicking here

Also went out drinking and met some amazing people. Sadly, I can’t remember their names.


Nothing much happened today.
Gave my parent’s cats some food and that’s pretty much it.


Another slow day, just the same as yesterday really. Gave my parent’s cats some food while my parents is on a concert with Gyllene Tider.