Welcome to my personal blog!
My name is Andreas and I’m from a country called Sweden.

I’m 33, living alone in a way too big apartment…
Hopefully I can move soon and hopefully to another country.

I studied Economy and marketing at Åkrahällskolan.
Mathematics and physics at the University of Växjö
Network technology at the University of Kalmar

I can speak 7 languages fluent.
I can however have easier conversation in many more languages.
It’s a huge hobby of mine to learn new languages.
And currently I’m learning Russian.

My worklife now is full time writer.
Here on this blog I will share all my poetry. But please note that poetry is not my focus, it’s more of a way for me to get my feelings out.
I still hope you will enjoy them!

My latest novel that I’m working on is called “Daydreamer”.
It’s a romantic novel about a girl from England that dreams of becoming a singer.

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Enjoy your time here!